Speed Up website


More Visitors

Nobody likes a slow website. Many of the visitors will lose their patience and leave the site if it takes too much time to load. Having a super-fast website will decrease bounce rates and increase customer retention. Furthermore, people will be more likely to visit other pages on your site if it loads fast.

Better Ranking

Page load time is a very important search engine ranking factor. Google will put your fast website higher in the search results, which will attract more potential customers. All that means is that having a fast website is a must, not a luxury.

Maximize Profit

Speed matters and a faster website can contribute to the rise of your conversion rates. In fact, a one second delay can cost you up to 7% of conversions. Imagine what additional 5 seconds of load time will do. Don’t let your business suffer, speed up your website today.

More About our WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Our sole business purpose is to provide support, security and maintenance on regular basis for wordpress website owners like you, Who needs developer support time to time but hiring a full time developer is not relevant.


E-commerce optimized

Speed is incredibly important for online stores because customers browse through different products. We will improve their experience by increasing speed, without affecting checkout and cart pages.
They will definitely want to come to revisit your ultra-fast working store.

Minifying resources

We will reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make the site load faster. We will also make JavaScript files load later, to save on initial load time of your pages. However, it all about the balance, your site needs to remain stable after the minification. We will never compromise stability for speed.

Caching and CDN

We can also setup browser caching plugins for you that will speed up the site for revisiting users. And a CDN (Content Delivery Network) will make your site faster by reducing the geographical distance your content has to travel, which will result in better speeds.

Image Optimization

We can do lossless image compression. Your images will retain quality, but their size is going to reduce significantly. Furthermore, we can set up “lazy load” images. As your users scroll down, images will load, which will improve page speed. It will also save bandwidth, storage space and decrease the costs of running your site.

Plugin Inspection

Plugins make WordPress websites unique, but too often people install them without needing them. Or, even worse, they install plugins from untrusted sources. We will inspect every plugin you have on your website, deleting what is unnecessary. If we find something faulty, or outdated, we will suggest better alternatives. All that should result in better speeds but also reduced total site size. We can also setup browser caching plugins for you that will speed up the site for revisiting users.

Database Optimization

Every piece of information that went through your website ends up in its database. For that reason, it will become cluttered, and sooner rather than later it will negatively affect the performance. FixRunner can optimize and clean up your website’s database, making it slim and fast like never before.

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