Duplicator plugin is one of the backup plugins that has been considered by users today due to its many features and applications.

It works with any WordPress website.

One of the biggest concerns users have when changing hosts is moving and operating their website properly. This plugin, which is one of the most popular plugins in the WordPress repository, has more than one million installs and also received a score of 4.5 from users. In fact, the duplicator plugin provides you with the ability to create a package of all plugins, settings, content, folders, and database tables and templates, and run it on the host or server you want. Duplicator handles serialized and base64 serialized replacements. Standard WordPress migration and WordPress backups are easily handled by this plugin as are zero downtime migrations.



  • Move, migrate or clone a WordPress site between domains or hosts with zero downtime
  • Pull down a live site to localhost for development
  • Transfer a WordPress site from one host to another
  • Manually backup a WordPress site or parts of a site
  • Duplicate a live site to a staging area or vice versa
  • Bundle up an entire WordPress site for easy reuse or distribution
  • Perform a full WordPress migration without struggling with messy import/export SQL scripts

9 Super Plugins to Clone or Duplicate Your WordPresss Site

Professional duplicator


Professional Duplicator plugin refers to higher-level features that are really suitable, such as:


.Scheduled backup

.Cloud storage in Dropbox، Google Drive، Amazon S3 و FTP

.WordPress support

. Great site support

.Large database support

.Database creator in the installer

.Email notification

.Advanced support



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